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Our services for corporates
The activities and services offered by EnjoyToz are multiple. From classic consultancy services for the organisation of events and travels (location, catering, decoration, entertainment, logistic etc.) to the support of the promotion and advertisement of corporates or specific events. EnjoyToz supports the realisation of projects in the event and travel business.

-) Promotion
Collaborating corporates can display their services and events on the website of EnjoyToz. The page offers visibility in the right ambient for its partners.

-) Consultancy
EnjoyToz offers comprehensive consultancy in the fields of management and economics: setting up business plans, evaluating project plans, cost controlling etc..

-) Event organisation
As for private as for corporates clients, EnjoyToz puts together the client’s request with the right proposals - fast & professional. EnjoyToz and its partners compose individual proposals for requests regarding events, location, entertainment and many more.

-) Corporates in our sector
For professionals (corporates, consultants, artists etc.) who operate on the travel, events and entertainment market the collaboration opportunities are various: from consultancy to promotion. EnjoyToz supports projects and is ready to develop ideas and projects with new partners.

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