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EnjoyToz, creating enjoyment professionally.
EnjoyToz was founded in 2003 by TOZ, Antonio G. Piretti, a famous pr and organiser of the greatest feasts in the Emilia-Romagna region.

The diffusion of the internet and the increase of the email use as an instrument of communication were the developments from which the project originated at the beginning of 2000: informing as many people as possible and as fast as possible about upcoming events and promotions.

By the time EnjoyToz became the main point of reference of entertainment and leisure time activities in the Bolognese region.
Shortly after, EnjoyToz expanded its business. From providing and supplying information only, the company started to organise events itself and entered on the tourism market and became a travel agent and tour operator.

Since then EnjoyToz is an institution on the leisure and travel market, combining the experience and knowledge of these markets to consult and organise tailored packages for it’s clients at high-class quality.

2016 EnjoyToz is bringing its service to another level.
The company is developing a 360° portal of consultant services for it’s clients.
The portal will match requests from all over the world with international professionals in the event and tourism industry.

Important dates of our story:
1992: the first collaborations with the hospitality industry as public relators
1994: responsible for the public relation and organisation of parties of the best clubs in the Emilia Romagna (eg. Byblos, Paradiso)
1996: Hosting parties as organisers (Kinki, Baraonda, Matis etc.)
2003: EnjoyToz was founded
2007: EnjoyToz became a licensed travel agency and tour operator
2011: New website was launched
2016: Development of a new consultancy portal

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